Someone recently “challenged me” on my love of Willow/Tara, saying Willow/Kennedy was a better ship, and that Tara wasn’t strong. This was my response.


I for one know that you’re not a fan of Willow/Tara. That’s fine, you’re allowed to have your opinion. But just because some of us prefer them over Willow/Kennedy, does not give you right to accuse us of bashing.

I, for one, have NEVER liked Kennedy in any fashion. I don’t like how she acts, and I just don’t like how she treats Buffy. She blatantly went after Willow even when it was obvious that Willow was still grieving for Tara. I think it was entirely disrespectful of Kennedy to do this, because she had no right to comment on Willow’s relationship with Tara. Willow and Tara had spent three or four years together in a relationship before Tara was painfully taken from Willow, and all of the other Scoobies. Can you imagine how painful it was for Willow? Seeing someone you love killed right in front of your eyes? Add on the guilt that she felt from killing Warren, nearly killing Andrew and Jonathan, and then Buffy & the rest of the Scoobies, and there’s perfect cause to see that Willow wanted to be left alone. She had many things she needed to work through on her own. She should have been able to go into a relationship on her own terms, when she was ready to move on. As we see in “Killer In Me” and other episodes of Season 7, she WASN’T ready to do that. And yet, Kennedy just goes right after her. To me and many other W/T fans, this was highly disrespectful to the relationship that W/T had, and I refuse to accept that Willow/Kennedy was nothing more than the writers simply giving Willow a rebound.

This is all I will say on the topic.

Also, if you think Tara was the ‘woman’ of the relationship, you obviously haven’t truly read into their relationship. Tara was soft-spoken, and would rather deal with problems quietly than have a giant spectacle. She was more than capable of taking of herself, considering that she was strong enough to pull herself out of a abusive situation with her family. She willingly moved away from her family and went to Sunnydale UC. She had to have some way of paying for all of this since I’m sure her family, especially her father, wouldn’t have been on the same page with her going away. This means that she somehow paid her way through the school by herself.

That doesn’t seem to me like someone who needed taking care of in any fashion.

When Willow used the spell to wipe part of her memory, Tara obviously put her foot down and left. If she hadn’t been capable of taking care of herself, she would have simply stayed with Willow and allowed the latter’s Magick abuse to continue. She doesn’t do that, and willingly leaves in order to protect herself. She’s been through abuse with her family, and she was NOT going to have that happen to her again.

When she and Willow get back together in Entropy/Seeing Red, it’s TARA who comes to Willow. SHE was the one to leave, and it was SHE who comes back on her own free choice. Tara doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. She loved Willow, and that was why she came back. They were both equal in their relationship, and if you think otherwise, it’s your own opinion, but that doesn’t’ get you free reign to claim that we’re bashing Willow/Kennedy when all we’re saying is that we prefer Willow/Tara over them. If you can’t deal with that fact, then I’m sorry to say, but leave the topic, and talk about something else.

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heroin addict? no, heroine addict. please give me more leading ladies i need them to survive

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buffy the vampire slayer appreciation week
favourite villain: the gentlemen

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Reblog this if you’re in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom. I want to see how big this fandom really is.

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I like to think that another reason why Willow gave in to Kennedy’s advances was because she thought of what Buffy taught her when they first met:


Because this might be the only cooch Willow will get in her life now.

Notice though that Willow seized the wrong moment when Buffy first told her that and, if going by that logic, definitely seized the wrong moment when giving in to Kennedy. So Willow seizing the moment is never a good thing apparently 

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The battle music in “Chosen” is every kind of epic.

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